Thursday, May 24, 2012

5-23-12 New Mens Rage Record!

1. Rick Blackford 18:06 NEW RECORD!
2. Neal G. 18:14
3. Lee Johnson 18:52
4. Kevin Betters 19:50
5. Nathen Davis 19:55
6. Kyle Sedor 19:58
7. Taylor Webb 20:10
8. Perry Leysens 20:11
9. Courtney Hilton 21:00
10. Sean Noonan 21:03
11. Eric Conlan 21:15
12. Jeremy Sievers 21:20
13. Troy Pierce 21:52
14. Nick Wooley 22:21
15. Sterling Hiese 22:23
16. Pat Conlan 23:44
17. Elon Musk 23:50
18.Cliff Jones 24:33
19. TJ Davis DQ duesh bag! If your going to quit at least have some fucking respect to come back and let someone know!

Here is what happened with my timing malfunction:) I accidently stopped the clock for 10secs. When Blackford finished he stopped his clock which gave me the 10.sec gap. I SHOULD HAVE ADDED THAT TO EVERYONE'S TIME BEHIND BLACKFORD, but instead I subtracted it last night. So basically I gave everyone after Blackford a full 20sec faster time. The above times are corrected for that:)

Last night was also the first time I actually taped off the first exit point out of Denmans, good thing too, cause some guy's had been going out there not knowing they basically cut off about a 1min to 1.30mins:) With this being said I really think Evie may have done the same thing on her blistering time last week. But we won't know until she comes to throw down again. No big deal simple mistake, this IS just a fun race:)


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