Friday, September 25, 2009

A couple records go DOWN!

17 riders showed up to throw down last night. I believe fun was had by all. Basso blew the doors off everyone with a 18:22 earning him a 40oz of Bud heavy and the soon to be coveted QR trophy. That time is going to be tough to beat! Teri Sue showed up on her little pink puss single speed and blew the doors off the ladies over all record also. 23:22 is the new ladies course record! Great job by all!

1. Pete Basso 18:22
2. Neal 19:03
3. Rick Blackford 19:26
4. Ryan Vanhowling 19:55
5. John Conlan 20:17
5. Steve Robinson 20:17
6. Jacob Naumann SS 20:21
7. Wade Thompson 20:41
8. Dave Mable 20:53
9. Chad Mason 21:10
10. Rene Beacom 21:13
11. Jordan Johnson 21:45
12. Chris Cornelson 21:56
13. Teri Pottorff SS 23:22
14. Elaine 25:46
15. Billy 25:51
16. Ian SS 28:20


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

QR Trophy done!

Jordan and I finished up the bragging rights trophy tonight....turned out pretty sweet we think. Now who's going to step up and take it away from Blackford?


Friday, September 18, 2009

QR #1 2009 in da books

A new record was set last night by Rick Blackford....19:22 on the 4.7 mile course.

Rick Blackford 19:22

Chad Vandelune 19:24

Ryan Vanhoweling 19:55

Jacob Nuamann 20:35

Steve Robinson 21:03

Chad Mason 21:07

Steve Shird 21:19

Jordan Johnson 21:57

Brad Back 21:57

Next Thursday will be thee 2nd installment 5:30 start time, meet at the Bridge entrance to Denmans, & bring your big guns!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Thursday's this year Kids!

Yup its that time of year here in the big city, QR will start tomorrow evening at 5:30pm. Meet at the bridge entrance to Denmans and don't forget your quarter. A new bragging rights trophy is being made:-) Only to leave its rightful owners hands if beaten!